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The Holy Knights of Westmarch


Rule 1: Conduct

Members of HKW are expected to maintain high standards of behavior. All members must deal fairly in trades, maintain honesty at all times, treat all others -- members or not -- with respect. Cheating of any sort will not be tolerated. That includes using any program that hacks or maliciously exploits the game code. Excessive profanity and gloating is prohibited.

Rule 2: PvP

Diablo 3 and most modern games have provisions for Player versus Player combat. All PvP is by mutual consent only, to avoid misunderstandings and the possibility that strong players might prey on the weak.

Rule 3: Meetings

Meetings will be held on the first Sunday of each month at 3:00 pm Pacific Time. The schedule may be revised by the Council as needed. Members must attend regular meetings as scheduled by the guild leadership. They do not take long and are vital to the organization and running of a successful guild. An unexcused absence from 2 consecutive meetings will result in dismissal, no excuses. If something comes up, members must notify the Council member in charge of attendance or one of the other Commanders BEFORE the meeting. It takes all of 5 minutes.

Rule 4: Council

The HKW will be led by the Captain and 5 Commanders. Those individuals constitute the voting members of the Council. An additional non-voting member (Court Guardian) serves as an adviser to the Council. Decisions regarding guild conduct, guild rulings, and guild decisions will be made by the Council as a whole and any advisers they choose to rely upon. The Council will vote in new members, and vote out old ones if need be. The Council will oversee all diplomatic relations with other guilds.

Rule 5: Guild character naming

Members may optionally tag their characters "HKW" in all caps at the end of their name. The use of your given guild name is at the discretion of the member but inappropriate names (e.g. CoolSurferHKW) will not be allowed, additionally when a member is retired / dismissed from the guild, any tagged characters must be renamed / deleted. If the character can not be renamed (due to game limitations), it must be deleted. Again, it must be stressed that 'HKW'-tagging is optional but untagging is not.

Rule 6: Miscellaneous

The minimum age for membership is 16. All members will have a rank (see ranking section), indicating their contributions and their conduct as members of the HKW. Members shall have no other guild in Diablo 3. Members may have other guilds in other games, but their conduct should continue to uphold the honor of the HKW. Members are strongly encouraged to post actively on the forum and to stay active within game.

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