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The Holy Knights of Westmarch

Hall of Valor

The paladins of Westmarch who triumphed in battle, and prevailed over evil were highly honored. Their tales of gallantry and deeds of valor will live on forever in the great Hall of Valor. If you would like to add a biography, fan-art or screenshot, please contact any commander.

The Champions     The winners of tournaments and other events.
The Book of Legends     The collection of guild stories, bios and other works.
The Gallery     Classic and famous screenshots and pics of the guild.
Chivalry     A report on chivalry in the online world by HKW Companion Genxcat.
Tournaments and Tournament Rules:
Iron Man Tournament

New level 1 paladin character. No usage of stat and skill points after level up. The stat and skill-less paladin will only be able to get stronger by getting better equipment. A judge/mule must be in the game. One hour MAX of game-time after the judge and the player leaves the Rogue Encampment. If the paladin dies the game is over. Only three attempts to get the highest score, and a screenshot of the char must be sent to the HKW Captain and the Judge immediately after each attempt. The player with the highest experience wins. This is a perfect opportunity to be promoted, win Fame, and live on in the Hall of Valor.

The Gauntlet Tournament

This tournament consists of two or more 4-person teams. At a designated time, the two teams all meet in the guild channel, where a referee outlines the final rules. All members are to join a game, where each team parties up, and on signal both teams begin a quest for experience. The first squad to have all their members reach or exceed level 5, and back into the guild channel wins. A referee will be waiting in the guild channel if it's close. Skill points, attribute points, and trips to town are allowed. If a player dies however, the player's squad must drop a "fine" of 150 gold next to the stash for the other team to claim and use as they wish. Careful planning and cooperation are required to succeed. If there are enough teams, the two winning ones could square off for a final gauntlet. This is an exceptional vigorous tournament, but a chance none the less to get to know ones squad, and reap triumph within the guild.

Capture The Flag Tournament

Character Rules:
» Level 12 Soft Core characters only.
» No quests allowed. All ability and skill points come from leveling only.
» All character classes are allowed.
» No items allowed, everything will be provided before the match begins.
» Assassins are only allowed as Runners, and only allowed 1 point into Burst of Speed.
» Assassins are NOT allowed traps.
» Minions are allowed, but will not count as a Tag.
» No Henchmen.
» No skills should be developed to kill other players, the point is to tag, not kill.

Team Rules:
» 4 characters per team (no more no less).
» Must assign 2 Runners and 2 Guards when forming a team.

Field Rules:
» Red Team's field is Blood moor, Blue team's Field is Cold Plains.
» Blood Moor and Cold Plains (and the caves located in those areas) are the only places players are allowed to be in, if found anywhere else they must go to town for 60 seconds.
» The Den in Blood Moor is the Red Team's base. The Cave in Cold Plains is the Blue Team's base.
» Red Players can only make a Tag in Blood Moor. Blue Players may only make a Tag in Cold Plains.
» The 2 Guards of ether team are allowed to tag a player with their team's flag on the opposite side of the field (Ex. Red Guard can Tag a Blue player with the Red Flag in Cold Plains). Runners are not allowed to make Tags anywhere but on their team's field.
» The Alt Key to view items on the ground is NOT allowed. Those caught doing so will be looked upon as cheating and must go to town for 60 seconds. It's recommended to reassign this function to a different key than Alt to make it easy to be honest (habits die hard ;-).
» No Map views are allowed at any point. Those caught doing so will be looked upon as cheating and the whole TEAM must go to town for 60 seconds.
» No items should be picked up by players unless it's a Flag. If something is picked up on accident, then drop it as quick as possible.
» If the player with the flag is intentionally killed then the killing team will loose the match.

Tagging Rules
» A Tag is a Melee hit made by a player of the opposite team. No magical or weapon ranged attacks count as a Tag.
» To be Tagged the player must be hit, resulting in some form of life loss, a shield block or missed hit do not count as Tags.
» Once a player is Tagged they must make a Town Portal and go back to town for 10 seconds. If a Blue Player is Tagged they must take a TP to town and wait for 10 seconds, then take the Cold Plain Way Point. If a Red Player is Tagged then they must TP to town and wait for 10 seconds, then proceed out the Rouge's Camp gate into Blood Moor.
» No skills or anything else should be used to kill other players, the point is to Tag them not kill them, if you kill another player then you must go to town for 30 seconds.

Flag and Winning Rules:
» Flags can only be set in your team's Base ( Red Team=The Den, Blue Team=The Cave).
» Once the Flag has been set in place by a team and the game begins, that team may not pick up their Flag at any point during the game. If you pick up your team flag, drop it immediately, and you must go to town for 60 seconds.
» The Flag must be outlined with 1 gp piles to mark an easy to identify spot for the flag, and also will serve as the capture point for the team to bring the opposite team's Flag to.
» After the Flag is set the teams must stay near their flags until the match begins.
» Once a player has the opposite team's Flag, they must walk it back to the capture point of their team's flag. You cannot run, if you do run, drop the Flag immediately and go to town for 30 seconds.
» Once a Flag has been captured the match is over.

The HKW Game Show - Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

This game show tournament reflects the highly acclaimed TV show Who Wants To Be a Millionaire? hosted by Regis Philbin. Since no legal tender is being used as prizes (aside from in-game gold,) the copyright is void.

How to Play:
The game consists of a series of consecutive multiple choice questions, each more difficult than the last. Given 30 seconds to select a response and confirm it as the final answer, players must get an answer correct to move on to the next question. Each correct answer will increase the jackpot to be won by that interval. Here are the intervals:
$1000 (m)
$32000 (m)
$1000000 (m)

As you progress, you may opt out at any time, and be rewarded with the amount of the last question correctly. If an incorrect answer is made, then the contestant will win only the amount accredited to the last milestone past (denoted by the (m) above.)

At any point during the game, you can get help from one of your lifelines. You can use more than one lifeline per question, but be careful; you only get to use each lifeline once! Here are a description of the lifelines:
1. 50/50 Lifeline automatically removes two incorrect answers of the four presented. The host will redisplay the question with only two choices for an answer instead of four; the correct answer and one of the three original wrong answers.

2. Phone-a-Friend Lifeline will allow you to ask only one of the channel attendants (not including the organizer(s)) for advice on what they would choose to help you with your answering the question. They will be given voice temporarily in channel to speak.

3. Ask the Audience Lifeline will open up the channel for each of the channel attendants (not including the organizer(s)) to provide a one letter poll of what would be their choice. Note to attendants: please to not give any information except a one letter response when asked.
Channel Game Etiquette:
Their will be few restrictions on the IRC channel, therefore it is imperative for the fun of the event that people not give away any of the answers either by blurting them directly out for the contestant when not asked, or by messaging the contestant directly. As I'm sure the contestant would have more fun by playing the game, the contestant can ask for certain attendees to be removed from the channel (and the question voided.) Any out-of-order blurting of an answer will result in the voiding of the current question and a warning or removal of the offending attendee. I'd prefer not to disclude anyone from the channel, so please follow the rules and don't speak out of turn!

How do I become a contestant?
Contestants will be chosen from the channel attendants during the hour-long game by Fastest Finger questions. These questions involve a multiple choice selection question for which the four responses have to be placed in a specific order. The first potential contestant to response with the correct answer will be the first contestant in the game. Once that individual's session is completed, there may be additional contestants chosen by new Fastest Finger questions. Here is an example for which potential contestant #2 would become the contestant:
Host> Fastest Finger Question: Put these classes in reverse alphabetical order: A. Amazon, B. Necromancer, C. Paladin, D. Assassin
Potential Contestant #1> ABCD
Potential Contestant #2> CBDA
Potential Contestant #3> CBDA
Potential Contestant #4> ADBC
Potential Contestant #5> CBDA

Our Twist:
All of the questions will be related directly to the game and our guild. Content will be gleaned from a wide range of sources including all publicly viewable HKW guild pages, the guild's forums, Diablo II, Diablo II: Lord of Destruction, Diablo, and Sierra's Diablo Expansion Hellfire. Topics range from the history and peoples of Sanctuary, to the skills of various classes, the multitude of items in the world, to select personal information about the members past and present of the Holy Knights of Westmarch.

All prizes will be awarded in Diablo II: Lord of Destruction gold amounts matching the dollar prize collected.

Golden Griffon Awards

The Golden Griffon Awards are voted on by all HKW members to recognize great achievements and devoted actions of our fellow guild members. These actions and achievements support the tenants of our guild and the way of the paladin. The categories are as follows:
Actor/Actress in a Leading Role Actor/Actress in a Supporting Role Best Original Screenplay Best Edition Best Picture