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The Holy Knights of Westmarch


Discord - Voice and Text Chat

For voice and text, the HKW has moved to solely using Discord. Try our server out:

HKW Monthly Meeting

We have monthly meetings, usually the first Sunday of each Month at 3PM PST (-8 GMT.)

Meetings are held in our Discord server. Please contact a guild officer for an invitation.

Meeting Rules

Thank you for reading the rules. If everyone follows these ettiquite guidelines while chatting, we're sure everyone will have a more enjoyable experience.

As long as there is no meeting in progress, the channel is unmoderated. This means that anyone can talk, at any time, so please treat each other with respect.

During a Meeting

There will be approximately 10-15 minutes before the meeting begins in which anyone may speak in an unmoderated discussion. Once the Commanders call the meeting to order, however, the channel will become moderated. This means only Operators or Voiced members may send messages to the channel. If you would like to speak, simply message one of the commanders and you will be given Voice at the next opportune moment.

To ask to speak, simply send a direct message to a guild officer present at the meeting.

Raising of Hands

Often during the meeting there were will be periods where anyone present may raise their hand and wait to be recognized to speak. To do this simply type an exclamation mark: ! and then speak freely once you are called upon by the person conducting that discussion. When you have finished speaking please type: over so that we'll know you've finished.

After the meeting, the Commanders will remove the moderation and you will once again be able to talk freely.

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