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Tournament Champions

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The names of tournament winners join the ranks of heroes in the Champions section. Below are the winners names, and the respective medal for each event. A Champion is entitled to many rewards, one of them the honor of having the tournament medal, pictured below, beside their name here, and also on the members page.

2003 Tournament Season

The 2003 Tournament Season will conclude at the tournament near the December meeting of 2003. Knight Luzbel has been coordinating the run of these tournaments. Those who have participated in all of the tournaments in this season will be the only ones allowed to compete in the final tournament in December.

Knights Allowed Into The Final Tournament

These are the knights who have participated in the 2003 tournament season and won at least one tournament. Attendance at the final tournament would be the best, but you are allowed to send in a proxy contestant. If you send a proxy they will be the one honored should they win.

Ladder Champions

Countless hours and days of dedication to a single goal: show the world the continued dedication by reaching for the stars themselves and obtaining a ladder ranking.

We've made several attempts in the past and present to put characters on the ladder. Three times we have made a guild character to try to ascend into glory and be forever remembered on the Battle.Net ladders. May we one day place our guild character there.

Here we honor individual knights for their dedication at ladder climbing, and showing us continued spirit to the community and the order.

Tal Anduril
For her countless weeks of dedication in the ladder run durring the summer of 2004. Tal_Xanyl will ever live in history.

For coordinating two of our guild character runs and continuing to show spirit of the Holy Knights of Westmarch.

Hardcore Champions

Through the utmost skill and determination, hardcore champions have proven themselves by enduring the harsh conditions of hell without relinquishing themselves to evil.

King Lamoni

On his many travels to the demon infested lands where Diablo's influence is ever present, Lamoni-HKW traveled alone, sometimes with trusted companions, but always with his faith that one day he would be King.

Thru many trials and heartaches from loss he endeavored to achieve the lofty and honored title of "King". Finally achieving his lofty goal December 9, 2004 along with his fellow companion Harum-Scarum (aka Sokeman), he set a new goal to climb the ladder of hardcore classic. Though the Paladin ladder was chock full of warriors already proven in battle he climbed and reached his goal of being in the top 100 on the Paladin ladder almost a month to the day after achieving his Royal Crown. (Jan. 8, 2005). Actually making it to # 95 on the Paladin ladder before suffering at the hands of a Unique Flesh Spawner. His valor shall always be remembered in the hallowed halls of the Holy Knights of Westmarch. His overall ladder standing at it's height was 271 of 1000 warriors. A remarkable achievement for someone who shunned the hardcore lifestyle for so long.

Vowing to only play in private games, meant unless others joined him on his "Quest for Royalty" he would be doomed to ever play solitary games fraught with the chances of dying and losing all he possessed. So he found others early on who joined him in the Quest and found great solace and joy in those days of playing with trusted friends and brothers of the HKW.

Portraits of King Lamoni:

"Long live the victorious dead" Long may their deeds be remembered."

Namarie` King Lamoni-HKW

The Crew Hard Core - TCHC

A gathering of Holy Knights, friends and companions offers a home to those ravaged in the harsh reality of the hard core realms. Original coordinators of this effort were Bahzeel, Rainark and Sokeman. These private games allow us to climb to the top of Mt. Arreat and gaze down upon the world of Sanctuary. With the security of those besides us, we do not fear death.

May The Crew Hard Core ever live in our history as a place that shows the brotherhood of trusted souls banded together against the evils of the world. Honor to you all.

First Steps Into Hard Core

Aslan is the first to obtain the title of Count, defeating Diablo on normal difficulty in hardcore mode.  His efforts for overcoming obstacles are duly recognized.  Congratulations Aslan!

Tournament Champions

Capture the Flag Champions

We eagerly await the first Capture the Flag Tournament.


The HKW Game Show - Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

HKW Diablo II LoD Game Show - September 15, 2002
Grand Prize Winner
This game show was a great time! Congratulations on a perfect performance of Diablo trivia Sashanan! What will he spend all that gold on?


Ironman Champions

The winner of the first HKW Diablo II Ironman tournament  is Aratryn

First HKW Diablo II Ironman Tournament Rankings
Knight Ironman Rank Experience
Aratryn 1st 35,378
Dracor 2nd 32,626
Torquemada 3rd Unknown
Aratryn is the winner with 3000 points more than Dracor, Dracor was close to lvl 8 and had only 260 points to get there. And third place goes to Torquemada. Congratulations Aratryn and good work!  May your name be remembered in this place of heroes.


Second HKW Diablo II Ironman Tournament Rankings
Knight Ironman Rank Experience
Fanriel 1st 53,583
Congratulations go to Fanriel for his perseverance in this fierce competition!


Third HKW Diablo II Ironman Tournament Rankings - March 2002
Knight Ironman Rank Experience
Lament 1st 57,729
Graywind 2nd 49,286
Lament pulled way ahead of the pack on this Ironman run making it well into level 10. Great work Lament! You've set a new high score! Captain Morkai graciously donated the following items to the winner: Hand of Blessed Light, Herald of Zakarum and Guardian Angel.


Gauntlet Champions

HKW Diablo II LoD Gauntlet Tournament - October 6, 2002
Winning Team Members (in alphabetical order)
This fast-paced tournament was a great deal of fun! This tournament we only had two teams with two members each, with one spectator who helped us get started and keep watch on the levels. We went with no auras this time for a bit of a challenge and boy was it fun!


HKW Diablo II LoD Gauntlet Tournament - September 1, 2002
Winning Team Members (in alphabetical order)
This fast-paced tournament was a great deal of fun! This tournament we had two teams with 4 members on each time. Time flew by quickly and congrats to the winners!


HKW Diablo II LoD Gauntlet Tournament - July 7, 2002
Winning Team Members (in alphabetical order)
This fast-paced tournament was a great deal of fun! This tournament we only had two teams with three members on each team, and with one round of play it went by quickly. Congrats to all the players in this tournament, it was fun!